Renault Midlum immobiliser fault

Renault Midlum immobiliser fault



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Renault Midlum immobiliser fault

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looking for any ideas to what this problem could be, I have a 57 plate midlum that was parked in reverse gear and when left the air dropped out and jammed the vehicle in gear, the driver forced the stick into neutral but it still failed to start, contacted a local garage (as we are miles from nearest Renault garage) and they cleared the reverse gear fault although he was having trouble reading the ecu, he managed to start the vehicle but stopped it and it failed to go again. This time it was showing an immobiliser fault, with advice from the garage we had the ecu and immobiliser sent to a specialist who conformed all was ok, with them refitted and an auto electrician check all wiring for any breaks, all is fine there but the vehicle is still not starting and still showing immob fault, Renault suprise suprise are not overly helpful and request the vehicle be brought to them, however this requires a tow which is several hundred ££££s and a blank cheque for Renault.
I cannot think of any other things to try apart from spending thousands at Renault which is why I reach out to here on the off chance somebody has an idea to try

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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