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Car Enthusiasts Unite! - Porsche, Benz, Ferrari, Lambo, etc.



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Car Enthusiasts Unite! - Porsche, Benz, Ferrari, Lambo, etc.

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This is likely going to contradict everything about our "live below our means" mentality, but I am a avid car enthusiast. I've owned all kids of different cars. From RX7s, GTO, Miatas, Vipers, etc.Right now my stable is a 2012 Mazdaspeed3 and a 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo all of them paid in full cash. As I start to grow older and my wife and I start to focus on starting a family next year, I'm starting to "mature" in my car taste I feel. I no longer feel the need that I need a "daily driver" and a "weekend car" and although my goal is to own a supercar someday (Lamborghini/Ferrari/Mclaren etc.I am only 31 and need to focus on what I can do to prepare for my future family. Hopefully before I'm old and grey, I'll able to have that supercar as a toy though!Anyway, I am contemplating selling both cars for "the one". A car that can do it all. Comfort, luxury, but when I want to have some fun, the power is there.So what is that car? Lately, I've been looking into a 2014 E63S. A biturbo v8 and with a tune and downpipes, people are putting down 600awhp/750awtq while still having the luxuries of an E-class. We are looking at $60K for that so I could sell both cars, get that and add around $15-$20K into the savings.

Please help.

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